Mana can be thought of as "the stuff of which magic is formed." It is an innate and rechargeable resource that is expended to form magical spells and to make Special Moves. All creatures have some amount of mana, even plants (e.g., the Reaper has an average mana of 176) and animate rock, (e.g., the Earth Elemental has an average mana of 82).

The amount of mana a character possesses is determined by Intelligence and the Item Property Mana Increase. Both provide mana on a one-for-one basis (e.g., 100 Intelligence + 5 Mana Increase point = 105 mana).

Mana is a regenerative resource. While mana will recharge of its own accord, several variables have an impact on Mana Regeneration, including the amount of Meditation skill, Focus skill, Intelligence, and the number of Mana Regeneration points worn.

The Mana Regeneration Formulae

To determine the rate at which your character will regenerate mana, use the following formulae:

  • Base regeneration speed factor = (Meditation Skill * 3) + Intelligence.
  • Mana refreshed per second = (Base speed factor / 400) + (Focus / 200) + 0.2

Formulae Modifiers

  • At 100 Meditation Skill points or better, a 10% bonus is added to the base regeneration speed factor.
  • A character is penalized it he or she is wearing armor that cannot be meditated in. Such “non-medable” armor reduces the base regeneration speed factor to zero.
  • The impact of wearing multiple Mana Regeneration items has recently changed. For more information, please see Mana Regeneration.

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