Intelligence is one of three statistics, or "stats", that constitute a character's "physical" form. The amount of intelligence a character possesses determines his or her mana, successful use of the skill Meditation, and in certain spell damage calculations. The unmodified maximum intelligence is 125 points. Intelligence, along with a host of other information, is displayed on the Character Status Menu.

Intelligence Bonuses

An Item Property that affects a character's intelligence is the aptly named Intelligence Bonus, which imparts a one-for-one increase in a character's base intelligence statistic. The non-artifact range for Intelligence bonus is +1 to +8. There are items that when equipped, reduce a character's intelligence (e.g., Orcish Machete, An Evil Orc Helm).

Another "bonus" of having high intelligence was mentioned in August of 2007 via Publish 46. According to the Preliminary Publish Notes, "Players now have a better chance of actively meditating at high intelligence/low mana values."

Intelligence & Damage

Intelligence also affects the amount of damage inflicted upon an opponent by several Magery Spells: Magic Arrow; Fireball; Lightning; Mind Blast; Energy Bolt; Explosion; Flamestrike; and Harm. It should be noted that Harm is also modified by the distance from the target. There are numerous formulae for determining spell damage, for example, the damage from the spell, Mind Blast: Base Damage + ((Magery + Intelligence) / 5), rounded down.

Other's Intelligence

A character can use the Evaluating Intelligence skill to assess the wisdom of creatures, NPCs, and other players. A practitioner of Evaluate Intelligence will see the following intelligence message in-game; the table below includes a range for the applicable intelligence statistic:

Strength Message Target’s Intelligence
Slightly less intelligent than a rock 1-9
Fairly Stupid 10-19
Not the brightest 20-29
About Average 30-39
Moderately intelligent 40-49
Very intelligent 50-59
Extremely intelligent 60-69
Extraordinarily intelligent 70-79
A formidable intellect, well beyond even the extraordinary 80-89
A definite genius 90-99
Superhumanly intelligent in a manner you cannot comprehend 100+

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