Dexterity is one of three statistics, or "stats", that constitute a character's "physical" form. The amount of dexterity a character possesses determines his or her stamina (which determines the rate of swing speed), ability to successfully parry, and the time it takes to apply a bandage. The unmodified maximum dexterity is 125 points. Dexterity, along with a host of other information, is displayed on the Character Status Menu.

Dexterity Bonus

An Item Property that affects a character's dexterity is the aptly named Dexterity Bonus, which imparts a one-for-one increase in a character's base dexterity statistic. The non-artifact range for the Dexterity Bonus is +1 to +8. There are items that when equipped, reduce a character's dexterity (e.g., Jackal's Collar).

Swing Speed

A character’s swing speed is determined by stamina which is equal to the amount of dexterity plus the additional Stamina Increase value. Melee and pet attack speeds change at certain stamina levels. Put simply, you swing slower when you're low on stamina. You can check your swing speed for different weapons and different stamina and swing speed increase values from the swing speed calculator.

Healing Time

While swing speed is determined by both dexterity and stamina, the time it takes to use the Healing skill is solely based on dexterity; stamina has no impact on healing. The formula for a character's healing time is as follows:

  Healing\;Time\;(self)=8 \;seconds\;- \left\{	
  \begin{array}{l l}	
    \frac{Dexterity-80}{20} & \quad \text{if Dexterity is greater than 80}\\	
    0 & \quad \text{else}\\	
  \end{array} \right.

As of Publish 71, the maximum healing duration is 8 seconds. For every 20 points of dexterity above 80, 1 second is shaved from the heal timer. This formula is different when you're healing other players.

It has been suggested that the heal timer displayed in the third-party application, UOAssist, suffers from an inherent lag and is therefor inaccurate [1].

Other's Dexterity

A character can use the Anatomy skill to assess the dexterity, and other attributes, of creatures, NPCs, and other players. A practitioner of Anatomy will see the following dexterity message in-game; the table below includes a range for the applicable dexterity statistic:

Dexterity Message Target’s Dexterity
They barely manage to stay standing 0-9
Very clumsy 10-19
Somewhat uncoordinated 20-29
Moderately dexterous 30-39
Somewhat agile 40-49
Very agile 50-59
Extremely agile 60-69
Extraordinarily agile 70-79
Moves like quicksilver 80-89
One of the fastest people you have ever seen 90-99
Superhumanly agile 100+

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