Strength (statistic)

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Strength is one of three statistics, or "stats", that constitute a character's "physical" form. The amount of strength a character possesses determines his or her Hit Points, melee damage, carrying capacity, and the types of weapons, shields, and armor that can be used. Strength, along with a host of other information, is displayed on the Character Status Menu.

Strength Requirement

Armor, Shields, and weapons all possess an Item Property entitled Strength Requirement. Stated plainly, not just anyone can wear Plate Armor, swing a Maul, or tote a large Heater Shield. The strength requirement is the minimum strength required to equip the item in question.

Carrying Capacity

For Gargoyles and Elves, 125 Strength gives a carrying capacity of 477 stones. Humans have the Strong Back racial ability that allows them to carry an additional 60 stones. Thus, for Humans, 125 Strength gives a carrying capacity of 537 stones. Each point of strength adds 3.5 stones carrying capacity:


Strength Bonus is also added to the base strength for the carrying capacity calculations. Maximum useful carrying capacity is probably around 600. The backpack capacity is fixed at 550 stones, and whether you benefit from having more than that depends on the weight of the gear you are wearing/holding.

Damage Increase

For strength of 100 or more, there is a bonus included in combat damage calculations.

Strength Bonus

Another Item Property that affects strength is the Strength Bonus, which imparts a one-for-one increase in a character's base strength statistic. The non-artifact range for Strength bonus is +1 to +8. There are items that when equipped, reduce a character's strength (e.g., the Evil Orc Helm). Strength bonus can be used to increase your character's strength beyond the 'normal' limit of 125, up to a hard limit of 150.

Other's Strength

A character can use the Anatomy skill to assess the strength, and other attributes, of creatures, NPCs, and other players. A practitioner of Anatomy will see the following strength message in-game; the table below includes a range for the applicable strength statistic:

Strength Message Target’s Strength
Rather feeble 1-10
Somewhat weak 11-20
To be of normal strength 21-30
Somewhat strong 31-40
Very strong 41-50
Extremely strong 51-60
Extraordinarily strong 61-70
Strong as an ox 71-80
One of the strongest people you have ever seen 81-90
Superhumanly strong 91-100
Stronger than anything you have ever seen 101+

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