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Stats, an abbreviation of statistics, refers to the 3 statistics all characters have in varying amounts, as follows:

Stat Locks & Cap

On the Character Status Menu, there are small yellow arrows, or locks, located next to each stat. These indicate whether a stat will go up, down, or not move at all. To gain in a specific stat, make sure the arrow is pointing up. Both the individual and cumulative maximums that a character can achieve are capped.

You can gain a maximum of 125 points in any particular stat naturally. You can, however, exceed 125 points in any stat through use of items which increase a particular stat when worn. The combined sum of your natural stat points plus what you gain from any stat-altering items cannot exceed 150.

Additionally, the sum of the natural stat values for your character cannot exceed 225, however this limit can be increased through use of stat scrolls, the +5 stat cap gain distributed through the Veteran Rewards program for accounts at least 6 months old, and the Scroll of Valiant Commendation. Through use of these various means of increasing your stat cap, the maximum stat cap that you can you can possibly achieve is 260.

Note that when you create a new character on an account at least 6 months old, it automatically receives the +5 bonus to the stat total that was implemented as player placation after the botched Age of Shadows rollout.

Gaining Stats

You can gain an unlimited amount of stat points per day, with no fixed intervals between gains.

Skills each have primary and secondary stats associated with them. If both stats associated with a skill are set to raise on your character, the primary stat will increase 75% of the time, while secondary stats will increase 25% of the time. If the primary stat associated with a skill is locked, however, the secondary stat will be chosen to raise.

There is a 1 in 20 chance that you will receive a stat gain whenever a skill is advanced. To gain in a particular stat use the appropriate skill, which are set forth in the table below:

Skill Primary Secondary Skill Primary Secondary
Alchemy Intelligence Dexterity Lumberjacking Strength Dexterity
Anatomy Intelligence Strength Mace Fighting Strength Dexterity
Animal Lore Intelligence Strength Magery Intelligence Strength
Animal Taming Strength Intelligence Meditation Intelligence Strength
Archery Dexterity Strength Mining Strength Dexterity
Arms Lore Intelligence Strength Musicianship Dexterity Intelligence
Begging Dexterity Intelligence Necromancy Intelligence Strength
Blacksmithing Strength Dexterity Ninjitsu Dexterity Intelligence
Bowcraft/Fletching Dexterity Strength Parrying Dexterity Strength
Bushido Strength Intelligence Peacemaking Intelligence Dexterity
Camping Dexterity Intelligence Poisoning Intelligence Dexterity
Carpentry Strength Dexterity Provocation Intelligence Dexterity
Cartography Intelligence Dexterity Remove Trap Dexterity Intelligence
Chivalry Strength Intelligence Resisting Spells Strength Dexterity
Cooking Intelligence Dexterity Snooping Dexterity Intelligence
Detect Hidden Intelligence Dexterity Spellweaving Intelligence Strength
Discordance Intelligence Dexterity Spirit Speak Intelligence Strength
Evaluate Intelligence Intelligence Strength Stealing Dexterity Intelligence
Fencing Dexterity Strength Stealth Dexterity Intelligence
Fishing Dexterity Strength Swordsmanship Strength Dexterity
Focus Dexterity Intelligence Tactics Strength Dexterity
Forensic Evaluation Intelligence Dexterity Tailoring Dexterity Intelligence
Healing Intelligence Dexterity Taste Identification Intelligence Strength
Herding Intelligence Dexterity Tinkering Dexterity Intelligence
Hiding Dexterity Intelligence Throwing Dexterity Strength
Inscription Intelligence Dexterity Tracking Intelligence Dexterity
Item Identification Intelligence Dexterity Veterinary Intelligence Dexterity
Lockpicking Dexterity Intelligence Wrestling Strength Dexterity

Training Example

By way of example, consider a Mace Fighter that would like to add Chivalry, but lacks the intelligence, and therefore mana, to be viable. The Fighter would like to reduce strength while increasing intelligence. The character could first practice Evaluate Intelligence until she gains 10 or 12 skill points, at which point she could switch to Musicianship and draw down the 10 or 12 points from Evaluate Intelligence. This process can be repeated, back and forth, until the intelligence stat is at the desired level. The latter skill has a primary association with dexterity, so that stat must be locked. Neither skill requires any resources, so there is no cost.