Item Identification

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Item Identification is a skill used to identify the NPC value of Items and the imbuing ingredients the Items will unravel into.

Item Identification once revealed the hidden magic properties of weapons and armor, but no longer does so as that information is no longer hidden from players and is visible simply by clicking any item. Item Identification is considered a Useless Skill and the few players who undertake this skill do so mainly for roleplaying purposes.

  • Professional Title: Merchant
  • Maximum Skill Possible: 100.0
  • NPC Trainers: Gambler, Gypsy, Jeweler, Merchant Guildmaster, Miner Guildmaster
Are you sure this is a rare artifact?


The battle with the evil lich was long and fierce, and now the rotting corpse lies at your feet, waiting for you to scavenge the gold and loot you fought for. Clutched in the lich’s grasp is a shining magical sword, but what magic lies within? Dare you grab it? With a skill in Item Identification, you can assess the sword and learn the power it embraces.

Active Use

To use Item Identification you can either set a macro or use the skill icon. Doing so will bring up a targeting cursor and a system message asking, What do you wish to appraise and identify?

Target the item you want to learn about. These are the possible outcomes:

  • Failure - A message over your head says,
You have no idea how much that item might be worth.
  • Success - A message over your head says,
[Name of Item]
You guess the value of that item at: [amount in gold]
    • Failure to identify the imbuing ingredient
Your imbuing skill is not high enough to identify the imbuing ingredient.
    • Success at identifying the imbuing ingredient
You conclude that the item
can not be magically unraveled. It possess little to no magic properties.
will magically unravel into: Magical Residue
will magically unravel into: Enchanted Essence (Imbuing > 45.0)
will magically unravel into: Relic Fragment (Imbuing > 90.0)


To train Item Identification, use the skill and target an item. Each attempt has a chance to raise the skill.

  • Item Identification has Anti-Macro Code in place. If there is no skill gained off an attempt, the item targetted in the attempt will not yield a gain until a successful gain on different item is made.


Prefix Bonus Prefix Bonus
Magic Armor
Durable +5 to armor HP Defense +5 to AR
Substantial +10 to armor HP Guarding +10 to AR
Massive +15 to armor HP Hardening +15 to AR
Fortified +20 to armor HP Fortification +20 to AR
Indestructible +25 to armor HP Invulnerability +25 to AR
Magic Weapons
Accurate +5 to weapon skill Ruin +1 Damage
Surpassingly Accurate +10 to weapon skill Might +3 Damage
Eminently Accurate +15 to weapon skill Force +5 Damage
Exceedingly Accurate +20 to weapon skill Power +7 Damage
Supremely Accurate +25 to weapon skill Vanquishing +9 Damage
Durable +10 to item HP
Substantial +20 to item HP
Massive +30 to item HP
Fortified +40 to item HP
Indestructible +50 to item hp

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