Relic Fragment

A relic fragment.png Relic Fragments are one of the most rare ingredients for Imbuing. They mostly come from Artifacts and sometimes from very high intensity equipment. They are used to imbue the most desirable properties.

Item Properties

Relic Fragments are used to imbue the following properties:

Armor Properties

Shield Properties

Weapon Properties

Jewelry Properties


For a time certain crafted items could be unraveled by a gargoyle with legendary imbuing at the Queen's Soul Forge to consistently produce relic fragments, that is no longer the case. The following is a list of artifacts that give Relic Fragments when unraveled, but as mentioned previously only at the highest levels of imbuing and often only at the Queen's Forge:

Minor Artifacts

Tokuno Artifacts

Stygian Abyss Artifacts

Major Artifacts

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