Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker.png
Soul Seeker
Weight: 9 Stones
Hit Stamina Leech 40%
Repond Slayer
Hit Mana Leech 30%
Hit Life Leech 30%
Swing Speed Increase 60%
Cold Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 12 - 14
Weapon Speed 2.5s
Strength Requirement 20
One-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Swordsmanship
Durability: 255 / 255

The Soul Seeker is an Radiant Scimitar obtained as a Mondain's Legacy Minor Artifact. It's Whirlwind Attack coupled with high leech stats makes it devastatingly effective when fighting large groups of monsters.

It can potentially be earned by defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondain's Legacy Dungeons, and appears directly in a player character's Backpack.

Alternatively, Peerless bosses will sometimes drop these artifacts on their corpses. In these cases the items must be looted.

Special Moves
Primary WhirlwindAttack.jpg Whirlwind Attack
Secondary Bladeweave.jpg Bladeweave


  • Originally, the Soul Seeker had 40% Hit Stamina Leech, 40% Hit Mana Leech and 40% Hit Life Leech (the actual intensities, equivalent to 80% from a runic hammer), but when the changes came that altered how Hit Mana Leech and Hit Life Leech worked, its displayed values were dropped to 30%, from its high Swing Speed Increase. The net result was less amount given to the user over time, of those two attributes, but that every hit would give some hit points and mana back. While some consider it to be a Nerf, the change enhanced its usefulness in other ways, as it meant that when using Whirlwind Attack in large groups of creatures, it would be rare that the wielder would be killed by his attackers, and one would be certain to have mana to immediately use another whirlwind. In the prior form of the Leech properties, one had to hope that the 40% chances triggered often enough to keep one alive and supplied with mana.
  • The Soul Seeker, is considered extremely useful at the Vermin Horde Champion Spawn, especially in conjunction with a Vermin Slayer Talisman. The changed versions of the leeches, combined with Whirlwind Attack, means that is typically at least as effective at most other Champion spawns as a non-whirlwind-capable slayer of the appropriate type for that spawn, except those containing Undead (where the Repond slayer make the user take double damage).
  • The Soul Seeker is popularly considered one of the most useful Minor artifacts.