A maximized backpack
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The backpack, or pack, serves as the primary storage for individual characters. The backpack is always displayed in the Paperdoll gump. To open the backpack, double-click it in the Paperdoll window or use the default keyboard command, Alt + I. A small version of the backpack can be had by single clicking the buckle of the backpack, which is located at center, bottom of the pack. However, gold at least will not stack when placed in the backpack via the small version.


  • The maximum weight a backpack holds is 400 stones, whether or not the character can carry more is immaterial, only 400 will fit into the pack. If you are crafting items and exceed the maximum weight, any additional crafted objects will fall to the ground.
  • The maximum item count for the backpack is 125. If you are crafting items and exceed the maximum item count, any additional crafted objects will fall to the ground.
  • It should be noted that a character can be up to 3-stones overweight and still walk without stamina loss and Recall, Gate Travel or Sacred Journey.

Item drops & the backpack

Several types of items are delivered directly to a character's backpack, such as holiday gifts, magically created food, artifact drops, token redemptions. If the backpack is full, the character's Bank Box is used instead. The prioritization of character storage is to make sure that such an item drop does not overload a character. If such a drop is attempted while the Bank Box is full, then the capacity of the Bank Box is temporarily increased to account for the drop.

It should be noted that housing to which the character is associated (i.e., owns, co-owns, or friended) does not figure into item drops.

Item use from backpack

Quest items must be in a character's backpack for them to be toggled as quest items. The quest item toggle will be removed if the item is subsequently removed from the backpack.

Some items must be in a character's backpack, and not a container within it, for them to function: spellbooks, quest items, etc.

Some items that can be equipped also can be used directly from the backpack, such as pickaxes, Prospector's Tools, etc.

And of course, some item cannot be used, or in some instances even removed, from the backpack.

Backpack art

Backpack art refers to the aesthetic arrangement of items in the backpack in the 2D client. Backpack art competitions used to be held on a frequent basis, here are two examples from the official Formosa Backpack Deco Event from September of 2007:

Backpack art 01.jpg

Backpack art 02.jpg

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