Bag of Sending

The Bag of Sending is an item obtained from the Ambitious Solen Queen quest. Appearance-wise, it looks like just another small, round bag but allows you to send items to your bank box. It is especially useful for sending gold collected in Dungeons due to gold's burdensome weight. The bags are charged with Translocation Powder obtained both through the same quest and from the Solen Matriarch, though they eventually become "saturated" and no longer accept recharging. At their maximum, a bag may hold 30 charges.


When first introduced in late 2002 as part of the When Ants Attack scenario, a bag of sending used one charge per item sent to your bank box.

With Publish 48 in November 2007, changes were made to the cost of transporting items. The formula became 1 charge for every 10 stones of Weight rounded up. For example, if you tried to send a 35 stone item, it would cost 4 charges. This made it impractical to send Gold (as every 50 pieces weighed a Stone each, 500 gold weighed 10 stones and used one charge, so only 15,000 gold could be sent with a fully charged bag! A character, on the other hand, could potentially carry around 25,000 gold at their limit).

In a November of 2007 Five on Friday, it was stated that slowing gold collection from monsters was indeed the primary reason for the change.

However, in March of 2009 withPublish 58, the cost to send items was reverted back to the "one charge per item" scheme.

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