Quiver of Rage

Quiver Of Rage.png
Quiver Of Rage
"Oh. And it’s a cold, seething rage."
- Draconi
Weight: 2 Stones
Ammo: 0/500 Arrows
Damage Modifier: 10%
Requirement: Mondain's Legacy
Physical Damage 20%
Fire Damage 20%
Cold Damage 20%
Poison Damage 20%
Energy Damage 20%
Contents: 0/1 Items, 0/50 Stones
Weight Reduction: 25%

The Quiver of Rage is a Quiver obtained as a Mondain's Legacy Minor Artifact. Prior to Publish 55, it was the only item with the Direct Damage property, although the property was never displayed to players. According to Jeremy, this display issue was a bug.

It can potentially be earned by defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondain's Legacy Dungeons, and appears directly in a player character's Backpack.

Alternatively, Peerless bosses will sometimes drop these artifacts on their corpses. In these cases the items must be looted.


The item's properties changed in Publish 55, making it substantially less powerful/useful than the item displayed to the right. Previously its damage types were:

Direct Damage 10%
Physical Damage 40%
Cold Damage 50%

However, not all such Quivers were changed; some (with the older and more powerful damage attributes) still exist in the game.

Note that both versions have the Damage Modifier property.

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