Five on Friday - January 11, 2008

"Can you use the Dismount weapon special with a lance or not?"
I got an email that complained that being unable to unhorse someone using a lance wasn't very realistic - and I became confused, because the Playguide says that lances are the exception.

And they are! But it's a really special exception. The only time you can use the Dismount ability on a mounted target is if *both* of you are using lances. Whoever succeeds with their Dismount attack first will knock the other player off of his steed.

Let the jousting tournaments begin! (And let us know if it doesn't seem to work as described above - as I said, it's... special.)


"Do healers count as mages for the mage slayer property?"
No, the Mage Slayer property affects:

  • Liches
  • Lich Lords
  • Ancient Liches
  • Evil Mages
  • Evil Mage Lords
  • Bone / Skeletal Mages
  • Zealots of Khaldun
  • Orcish Mages
  • Juka Mages
  • Meer Mages


"There’s some confusion about enemy of one’s actual damage increase - is it 50% or 100% more damage?"
I checked with Draconi on this, and he said:

"It’s 50% more than your normal damage to your chosen enemy. So if you’re hitting for 80, multiply by 1.5 to get 120. Everything else though hits you for 100% more damage: double the trouble."


"Enhanced Bandages - do they help if you're already at your skill cap?"
No - they give a +10 boost, but will NOT bring you up over your skill cap. (So, for Legenday Healers or Grandmasters who haven't used a Power Scroll, they won't actually help any more than normal bandies.)


"What is Quiver of Rage supposed to do?"
There's actually some weirdness with how these properties are displayed - here's the full list:

  • Damage Modifier: 10%
  • Direct Damage: 10%
  • Physical Damage: 40%
  • Cold Damage: 50%
  • Weight Reduction: 25%

Two notes: Direct Damage is non-typed - so it isn't affected by resists. Also, "Damage Modifier" is NOT the same property as "Damage Increase" - it's a property unique to quivers that increases the total damage applied - AFTER resists are calculated. So it ends up being a pretty powerful item. (The fact that the Direct Damage bit is invisible is a bug, and is now in our database.) Draconi adds,

"Oh. And it’s a cold, seething rage."


Fansite News
UO Guide has a few announcements:

"- UOGuide has hit 2,500 pages and 10,000 edits as of January 1, 2008!
- UOStuff is closing. But do not despair! UOGuide is in the process of merging into our database as we speak. Over a quarter of the pages and information at UOStuff have already been integrated as I write this."

UO Toolbar is celebrating!

"Recently UO Toolbar celebrated it's 2nd anniversary! It has been a great two years, lots of changes to the UO Toolbar and around the UO community. And the future looks bright for both. Keep a look out for more changes and new products.

Personally I would like to thank all the fine people at Electronic Arts & EA Mythic, UOForums, UO Stratics, the UO Team, and most importantly... all our supporters and users in & around the UO community!

As you share your love of Ultima Online, please continue to tell others about UO Toolbar! Again... thanks!"


I know everyone's waiting for some more forward-looking details - we're putting that stuff together even as I type. Look for news next week!

- Jeremy

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