Helm of Swiftness

Helm Of Swiftness.png
Helm Of Swiftness
Weight: 5 Stones
Elves Only
Intelligence Bonus 5
Faster Casting 1
Faster Cast Recovery 2
Physical Resist 6%
Fire Resist 5%
Cold Resist 6%
Poison Resist 6%
Energy Resist 8%
Mage Armor
Strength Requirement 25
Durability: 255 / 255

The Helm Of Swiftness is a helm obtained as a Mondain's Legacy Minor Artifact.

It can potentially be earned by defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondain's Legacy Dungeons, and appears directly in a player character's Backpack.

Alternatively, Peerless bosses will sometimes drop these artifacts on their corpses. In these cases the items must be looted, and may spawn without the Elves Only property.