Vermin Slayer

Ratman Bane

The Vermin Slayer group is a Super Slayer to all rodent-based creatures. This Item Property is found only on Talismans. The Damage Increase imparted by Talismans does not apply to magic spells cast by the wearer. However, the Damage Increase from both talisman-based and instrument/spellbook/weapon-based Slayers is cumulative, or stacks, subject to the 300% cap. This Slayer does double damage to the following creatures:

Vermin Slayer Chart
Vermin Slayer


  • Vermin is a term applied to various animal species regarded as pests or nuisances and especially to those associated with the carrying of disease. Various sources have suggested that the Vermin Slayer applies to more than just rodents. However, tests have shown that it has no effect on Gnaw, other wolves, or any insects (i.e., Solen, Ant Lions, etc).

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