Mage Slayer

The Mage Slayer group is a Super Slayer to all Magery-based creatures. This Item Property is found both on Talismans and weapons. The Damage Increase imparted by Talismans does not apply to magic spells cast by the wearer. However, the increase from the named Assassin Spike, Flesh Ripper, may include spells.

The Damage Increase from both talisman-based and instrument/spellbook/weapon-based Slayers is cumulative, or stacks, subject to the 300% cap. This Slayer does double damage to the following creatures:

Mage Slayer Chart

Mage Slayer


  • The Five on Friday - January 11, 2008, which discussed the Mage Slayer, does not include Black Order Mage, Grand Mage, Master Theophilus (a named evil mage lord), Ophidian Apprentice Mage, Ophidian Shaman, Ratman Mage, or Savage Shaman among those vulnerable to the property.

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