Bovine Slayer

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The Bovine Slayer group is a Super Slayer to most cow-like creatures. This Item Property is found on Talismans and a single weapon, the Butcher's War Cleaver. The Damage Increase imparted by Talismans does not apply to magic spells cast by the wearer. However, the Damage Increase from both talisman-based and instrument/spellbook/weapon-based Slayers is cumulative, or stacks, subject to the 300% cap.

This Slayer does double damage to the following creatures:

Bovine Slayer Chart

Bovine Slayer


  • A low level character who is seeking a good source of leather can easily dispatch Gaman when equipped with talisman or cleaver.
  • Minotaurs are not vulnerable to the Repond Slayer.
  • Yamandon are in the Reptile Slayer group.

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