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Swing Speed Increase (SSI) is an item property that increases the rate at which a character uses his or her melee weapon. The rapidity of a character's attack is affected by the base speed of the weapon used, the amount of Stamina possessed, and the amount of SSI his or her items impart. Barehanded combatants swing at the fastest Weapon Base Speed possible, which is 2.5 seconds or 10 "ticks". Swing speed is never less than 1.25 seconds, or 5 ticks.


The bonus to a character's swing speed given by Stamina is based on increments of 30, rounded down. And while the maximum Stamina possible is 250, Stamina above 240 grants no further increase in swing speed.


The maximum SSI to be found on a standard weapon is +30%. Some artifacts have higher SSI, such as the Soul Seeker and the The Berserker's Maul. SSI is occasionally found on non-weapons, such as the artifact Daimyo's Helm. A character’s total SSI is capped at 60%.


In the Five on Friday of March 9, 2007, the developer Leurocian provided the following formula for determining swing speed. The example provided was based upon a character with 50 Stamina who is swinging a Halberd with 20 SSI.

  1. Convert the Weapon Base Speed to ticks by multiplying the speed in seconds of your weapon, which is displayed on the tooltip, by 4. Example, an unmodified Halberd has a Weapon Base Speed of 4 seconds per swing, which converts to a base speed of 16 ticks.
  2. Determine the character’s "Stamina Ticks" by dividing the current Stamina by 30. Example, if your current Stamina is 50, then 50/30=1.666, which is rounded down. In this instance, the "Stamina Ticks" are 1.
  3. Note the total Swing Speed Increase modifier from equipment. Example, 20.

Formula: ((Base Weapon Speed - Stamina Ticks) * (100.0 / (100 + Swing Speed Increase))) = "x" ticks

Example: ((16 - 1) * (100.0 / (100 + 20))) = 12 ticks.

When divided by 4, so as to convert ticks back into seconds, the modified Halberd speed is 3 seconds. Keep in mind that the minimum swing time can never fall below 1.25 seconds.

You can calculate your swing speed from the calculator below:


Weapons with more than 30% SSI and Items with SSI that normally wouldn't have it:


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Swing Speed Increase (30%):

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