Publish 46

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 46 on August 10, 2007.

PvP Changes

  • Weapon Special Moves now require Weapon Skill and Tactics of appropriate skill levels. (i.e., 70 in each skill for primary weapon special moves, 90 in each skill for secondary weapon special moves).
  • Can no longer stack using a weapon special move and casting a spell or activating a skill ability.
  • Nervestrike paralysis is now breakable on hit.
  • Nervestrike paralysis is now scaled based on Bushido skill, from 50% chance at 50 skill to 90% chance at 120 skill.
  • Nervestrike damage is now a little more variable. May be 0 to 10 damage less.
  • The Mana Regeneration item property is now subject to the principle of diminishing returns.
    • The hard cap on MR has been removed.
    • As the total MR from items increases, each successive point of MR will give less overall mana regeneration.
      • This means that adding more MR will always give more mana regeneration.
      • This also means that as you put more MR items on, you get less of a bonus from each additional MR item.
    • Having higher Meditation and / or Focus skill will give a bonus to mana regeneration gained from MR items.
    • Meditation and /or Focus will now benefit for intermediate values and not just for multiples of 10 (i.e. 80.1 used to give you same MR bonus at 89.9).
  • Hit Point Increase from items is now capped at 25.
  • Enhance Potion from items is now capped at 50. Player characters with Alchemy skill receive an inherent bonus to Enhance Potion that can exceed this cap. The bonus to Enhance Potion equates to +10% for every 33 points of Alchemy (i.e., 80% at GM Alchemy).
  • The formula for controlling a tamed pet has changed - see here for more details.
  • For controlling Lesser Hiryus, a player character will now need at least 90 Bushido (the same required to ride it) or an appropriately high skill level in Animal Taming and Animal Lore.
    • Success chance for control is determined by whichever skill set is higher (i.e., Bushido or the combination of Animal Taming and Animal Lore).
    • The chance to tame a Lesser Hiryu will remain the same.
  • When a Lesser Hiryu chooses to perform the Dismount special maneuver, it will now have a 20% chance to succeed in performing the dismount. This chance use to be 100%.
  • Players now have a better chance of actively meditating at high intelligence/low mana values.
  • Ethereal mount stamina will now regenerate when a player character is not mounted. This value is stored on the character, so it will apply to any ethereal mount that character uses.
  • Evasion can now only be activated once every 20 seconds.
  • Cancel targeting cursor when using Animal Form. This is to prevent abuses such as using a bola, changing into Animal Form, running up your opponent with mount speed, changing out of Animal Form, and then instantly targeting your opponent.
  • Anything that can dismount a player character will now force an opponent out of Animal Form. This includes weapon special moves such as Dismount and Riding Swipe, items such as Bolas, and any creatures with Dismount, Raging Stomp, or Bola Throwing AI. The same timer will come into play for returning to animal form after being bola'd as currently exists towards remounting after being bola'd.
  • Added remount delay for Animal Form when using bolas or the Dismount weapon special maneuver.
  • A pet that performs a Dismount special maneuver will now add a remount delay for its owner.
  • Death Strike will now cause 50% less damage when using a ranged weapon.
  • Death Strike damage cap lowered from 70 to 60.
  • Death Strike damage now scales based on the average of Hiding/Stealth from 30% to 100% of normal damage.
  • Cancel targeting cursor when using the Hiding skill. This is to prevent abuses such as commanding your pet to kill, pressing a macro to hide, and then targeting the pet’s victim.
  • Ecru Rings have been changed to possess 50% Enhance Potions.
  • Rune Beetle Corruption pet ability will now reduce each resist by one half of its value for the duration of the corruption. The Rune Beetle Corruption pet ability use to reduce all resists to 0.
  • Pets will possess the same notoriety as their masters when commanded, added as a friend, transferred to another player, etc.
  • Enchanted Apples and Grapes of Wrath will now only be edible once every 120 seconds. The Grapes of Wrath will now have a duration of 20 seconds.
  • Tinker poison trapped boxes will no longer poison the user if the user already has been inflicted with a stronger poison.
  • Enchanted Apples and Grapes of Wrath no longer affect hunger
  • Grapes of Wrath now last 20 seconds and have a 2 minute cooldown
  • Fractional values of meditation will now count towards mana regen
  • Nervestrike para chance now scales with Bushido skill from a 50% chance at 50 skill to a 90% chance at 120 skill. Damage is also randomized from the current damage amount down to damage - 10.

Taming Control Changes

After reading some feedback in the tamer forum, we realized that going to a straight 50/50 control chance would let people control higher end pets with 120 lore and lower taming, which is not at all what we intended.

So, we've tweaked the overall formula somewhat to this:


  1. tamingBonus = difficultyModifier * (taming skill - pet difficulty)
  2. loreBonus = difficultyModifier * (taming skill - pet difficulty)
  3. skillBonus = (tamingBonus + loreBonus) / 2

Control chance:

  • Final control chance % = 70 + skillBonus

Now, the difficultyModifier above depends on the difference between your skill and the pet’s difficulty. Instead of averaging the skills and then applying the modifier to the average as before, the difficulty modifier is now applied independently to each skill and then that result is averaged. This gives us the ability to give more importance to taming than lore, while still requiring you to have a significant investment in both skills to control high level pets. The way that modifiers are picked is as follows:

Difficulty Modifiers:

  • 6 - if (taming/lore skill - pet difficulty) is positive (i.e. if taming/lore skill is greater than the pet's difficulty)
  • 28 - if (taming skill - pet difficulty) is negative (i.e. if your taming is less than the pet's difficulty)
  • 14 - if (lore skill - pet difficulty) is negative (i.e. if your lore is less than the pet's difficulty)

To give you an example for a player with 93 taming and 100 lore trying to control a dragon which has a difficulty of 93.9:

  • Step 1 – Finding the skill / pet difficulty difference for each skill:
    • Taming – Pet Difficulty = 93 – 93.9 = -0.9
    • Lore – Pet Difficulty = 100 – 93.9 = 6.1
  • Step 2 – Finding the modifiers for both skills
    • Taming difference is negative, so the taming modifier is 28 (would be 6 if it were positive)
    • Lore difference is positive, so the Lore modifier is 6 (would have been 14 if it were negative)
  • Step 3 – Applying the modifiers to each skill bonus
    • Taming bonus = 28 * -0.9 = -25.2
    • Lore bonus = 6 * 6.1 = 36.6
  • Step 4 – Averaging the two bonuses:
    • skillBonus = (-25.2 + 36.6) / 2 = 5.7
  • Step 5 – Finding the control chance
    • Control Chance = 70 + 5.7 = 75.7%

This, of course, assumes that the dragon is at max loyalty. The penalty for loyalty has not changed, however, so I won’t go into detail here about how that works.

What this does is require that you pretty much need to have both taming and lore very close to the pet's difficulty in order to control it. However, there is more room for having slightly lower lore than there is for having less taming. Also, the bonus for having more skill than the pet's difficulty is about where it was before, but again, you can't compensate too much with one skill or the other.


  • Changes to support new crafting menu
  • Changes to support new "Target by Resource Type" macro - this macro will mine/chop the selected resource type from any node within range.
  • Added "eating" animation
  • Snow Leopards should be properly white
  • Jewelry vendors will now buy silver bracelets from players
  • The Dark Knight Challenge is now active! Cast "recall" on the rune the Dark Knight gave you to be teleported to his lair, where he will challenge all comers one at a time. You will be teleported into the arena within 30 seconds or when your turn arrives, whichever is soonest. Be sure to prepare, because you can only answer his challenge once every three days!
  • Wood and ore nodes now have a chance to randomly respawn with different resource types.
  • Players can no longer remain hidden while Mining or Lumberjacking
  • The "Follow" macro will now bring up a targeting cursor
  • Community Collections gumps should no longer be blank
  • Fixed issue with movement being choppy/laggy


Update 1

On August 11, 2007, the following was published:

  • Disabled the KR "Target by Resource" macro to fix issues with interacting with house signs, player vendors, boats, and certain other objects.

Update 2

On August 24, 2007, the following was published:

  • (KR) Fixed Stat lock buttons
  • (KR) "Target by resource" macro has been re-enabled
  • Fixed Stonecrafting to recognize normal granite

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