Enchanted Apple

A pre-Publish 75 exceptionally crafted Enchanted Apple with maker's mark.

Enchanted apples remove curses from your character when consumed; similar to the Paladin's Remove Curse spell. This includes character statuses such as Mortal Wound, Necromancer curses and effects such as Strangle, Mind Rot, Corpse Skin and Blood Oath as well as Magery debuffs like Curse, Feeblemind, Clumsy and Weaken.

Enchanted apples have a cool-down period of 30 seconds. They have a chance to fail depending on the level and number of curses applied to the user. Failure does not invoke the cool-down period.


Enchanted Apples were introduced into the game as of the Mondain's Legacy expansion. Prior to Publish 75, they could be crafted exceptionally with a maker's mark.


They can be crafted by players who have the Cooking skill, with 60 being the minimum skill level required to attempt to make them. They require 1x Apple and 1x Greater Heal Potion as ingredients to craft.


Crafting the Cooking item Enchanted Apple
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
60.0 Cooking
Apple.png 1 Apple
Heal potion.png 1 Greater Heal Potion
100.0 skill = 100%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes