Infectious Strike


Infectious Strike is a special move that took the place of poisoning all types of weapons on August 10, 2007 via Publish 46. Only weapons that possess the Infectious Strike move can be poisoned. Unlike most special moves, Tactics is not required to use Infectious Strike since it already requires Poisoning skill to be effective. This special move can be activated by setting a key macro for the appropriate primary or secondary weapon ability or double-clicking the icon in 2D. The icon will highlight red when activated.

The power of the poison depends on the type of poison applied to the weapon in question and a character’s Poisoning skill, as follows:

     Poisoning of 00.0 - 19.9 yields Level 1 (lesser), with a chance for Level 2 (regular);
     Poisoning of 20.0 - 39.9 yields Level 2, with a chance for Level 3 (greater);
     Poisoning of 40.0 - 59.9 yields Level 3, with a chance for Level 4 (deadly); and
     Poisoning of 60.0 - 100 yields Level 4, with a chance for Level 5 (lethal).

  • Mana Cost: 20


  • Poisoning a weapon no longer causes it to corrode.
  • Targets are no longer poisoned based on chance; a successful hit is all that is required.
  • No skill in Poisoning is required, but a Level 1 poison is the best that can be achieved.
  • The greater the Poisoning skill of the wielder, the better chance he or she has of inflicting a higher level of poison on a target. The formula is one-for-one (i.e., attackers have a (Poisoning Skill)% chance to increase the level of poison delivered by 1.)
  • The much coveted Lethal Poisoning is possible with Infectious Strike.
  • Poison can be applied only to those weapons that have Infectious Strike as a special move, see below.

Primary Weapons

Seconday Weapons

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