Animal Form

Ninjitsu · Animal Form
Ninjitsu-animal-form.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill
0 Varies with form assumed
Area of Effect Caster
Description Using an ancient secret only known to a few, the Ninja mysteriously takes the shape of a beast, granting himself animal-like ability. Animal Form gives the Ninja the ability to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses unique to each type of creature. There are 12 animal forms available to a skilled Ninja, including stealthy animals such as Rats, ferocious beasts like the Bake Kitsune, and fast runners like Forest Ostards and Unicorns.

Anything that can dismount a player character will force an opponent out of Animal Form. This includes weapon special moves such as Dismount and Riding Swipe, items such as bolas, and any creatures with Dismount, Raging Stomp, or Bola Throwing AI. The same timer will come into play for returning to animal form after being bola'd as currently exists towards remounting after being bola'd.


  • Cannot cast spells, use weapon or ninja special moves (except Mirror Image and Shadow Jump) while in Animal Form.
  • Casting Animal Form can be interrupted. Spamming small spells can keep him/her from going into form and escaping!
  • FCR cap: 6 and FC cap: 4.
  • No skill gain after 50.


  • While standing still, the selection menu pops up.
  • While moving, you automatically get into the last form.


Rabbit & Rat Form

  • Minimum skill: 0
  • 100% success skill 37.5
  • +20 bonus to stealth

Cat & Dog Form

  • Minimum skill: 40
  • 100% success 77.5
  • Increases hit point regeneration rate. At 40 Ninjitsu hit point regeneration is 15, gradually ascending. At 100 Ninjitsu and up, it is 35, although capped at 18.

Giant Serpent Form

  • Minimum skill: 50
  • 100% success skill 87.5
  • Giant serpent form inflicts lesser poison in a non-ranged melee attack.

Bullfrog Form

  • Minimum skill: 50
  • 100% success skill 87.5
  • When an attacker hits for damage in close combat, Bullfrog form inflicts standard (Level 2) poison on the attacker.

Ostard & Llama Form

  • Minimum skill: 70
  • 100% success skill 107.5
  • Allow you to move (and stealth) at mounted movement rates.

Wolf & Bake Kitsune Form

  • Minimum skill: 85
  • 93.3% success skill 120
  • Allow you to move at mounted movement rates
  • Hit chance bonus
  • Each time you assume these forms (including when in stealth mode) you get 20 hit points.

Unicorn Form

  • Minimum skill: 99
  • 56% success skill 120
  • Allows you to move at mounted movement rates
  • Immunity to lesser poison, poison, & greater poison.

Ki Rin Form

  • Minimum skill: 99
  • 56% success skill 120
  • Allows you to move at mounted movement rates
  • High stamina regeneration

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