Riding Swipe

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Riding Swipe is a Bushido Special Move that was added during the Samurai Empire expansion in the fall of 2004.

If you are on foot, dismounts your opponent and damages the ethereal mount's rider or the live mount (which must be healed before being ridden again.) If you are mounted, damages and stuns the mounted opponent. Requires Bushido skill.
  • Mana Cost: 25


  • Damaging a live mount will flag you as a criminal. Damaging a live mount in a guard zone will get you Guard Whacked.
  • Publish 29 fixed an issue that caused a successful Riding Swipe attack to flag the character as a criminal when used to dismount a murderer or criminal.
  • Publish 37 fixed an issue where Riding Swipe did not properly damages mounts nor affect Hiryus.
  • Publish 42 introduced a delay before a character can remount after being dismounted with Riding Swipe.
  • Under beta testing, you could kill someone's mount while mounted. The pet died when the rider dismounted.

Primary Weapons

No weapons have Riding Swipe as primary ability.

Seconday Weapons

Weapons with a secondary ability of Riding Swipe require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

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