Publish 29

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 29 on January 20, 2005.

General Fixes/Tweaks/Enhancements

  • Moved Britain starting location from The Sweet Dream’s Inn to the Wayfarer’s Inn in east Britain
  • Damage numbers are now shown for you and any pets or controlled NPCs that are in your range
  • NPC job titles, "(Paragon)", and "(General)" now appear in "allnames"
  • Fixed an issue when a member of a faction guild quit made most guild members removed from the faction
  • Holiday gifts will no longer be distributed
  • Passive detect hidden no longer reveals group mates and allied faction members in Felucca / Siege
  • Pet ghosts no longer stay around for days. Pet ghosts will now only exist between 2-4 hours, after which they will vanish, even if their owner is online
  • Pets with high Magery were casting invisible on themselves too often. Pets will now cast heal or greater heal instead of invisibility.
  • Added the ability to unfriend pets via the context menu
  • Pet hit points will no longer refill when crossing server lines
  • Fixed an issue with crossing a server-line having a value of 0 in a stat would refill that stat
  • Can no longer create a blank alliance name
  • Weight will no longer remain if gold is in 2 piles when tithed
  • New characters will now default to having show guild invites turned off
  • Fixed the misspelled sign at the Bank of Trinsic
  • Also fixed Britannia Provisions misspelled sign
  • Setting a blank InvokeVirtue macro will no longer cause the client to crash
  • Fixed a crash bug in 3D client involving the name macro field
  • Fixed a crash bug in 3D client related to trying to delete 2 skill groups at once
  • Fixed a crash bug related to renaming a book’s title
  • A warning message was added to the guild invite gump informing players that they are attackable if they accept
  • Attempts to recall into west Britain will be redirected to a safe location
  • Attempts to open gates into west Britain from outside the area will be redirected to a safe location, Gates opened from inside west Britain can be used normally

Item Fixes/Changes

  • Reuse delay for wands is now the equivalent of casting a like spell. Fast-casting will apply to wands.
  • Clothing Bless Deeds now work on SE clothes
  • Fukiya Darts and Shurikens can no longer be thrown at yellow NPCs
  • Dread Pirate Hat has been improved
  • Spirit Speak is now a possible skill bonus on magic jewelry
  • Gold Bricks can no longer be fed to pet White Wyrms
  • Soulstone: Skill absorption animation will no longer play when skill points are flushed
  • Hearth of the Homefire no longer turns after exiting house custimization mode
  • Bolts now have a chance to spawn in dungeon chests
  • Corrected typo when trying to re-deed mistletoe with a non-house owner
  • Add-on type items will no longer disappear when a house is demolished
  • Players can now uninsure items that were blessed after already being insured
  • Big Fish should provide more fish steaks when cut up (now its weight / 5 will determine number of fish steaks (minimum of 4))
  • Fixed two issues with Event JP Finnigan Prize Giveout
  • Stackable loot is now distributed proportionally between instanced corpses involving two or more party members in the top attackers list

Combat Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue that could allow archers to fire while on the move
  • Players can no longer throw bolas while in Animal Form
  • Bola throwing now correctly prevents re-mounting of Hiryu and Lesser Hiryu
  • Fixed an issue causing the No-Dachi Riding Swipe, when used to dismount a murderer or criminal, to make the player become a criminal.
  • Provoked and controlled creatures should no longer heal aggressors
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a player to activate Moving Shot, then before the arrow hit, activate Armor Ignore
  • Fixed an issue that allowed special moves to automatically hit when a spell landed
  • Fixed an issued allowing Lightning strike to allow a player to ignore disarm timer

Spell Casting Adjustments

  • Summoned daemons will now take 4 control slots instead of 5.
  • Improved AI and damage for Air and Water Elementals
  • Ninja Mirror Images are now affected by multi-target spells
  • Fixed an issue causing criminal’s Mirror Images to appear blue
  • Fixed an issue with Mana Drain not restoring the target’s mana after 4 seconds in rare cases
  • Mage field spells cast on ships no longer cause the ship to stop moving

Creature and Spawning Fixes/Adjustments

  • Male Ronin will now give as much loot as female Ronin
  • Reduced amount of loot dropped by Fan Dancers
  • Lesser Hiryu no longer give quite as good loot
  • Doom Guardians will now spawn treasure map of random level (1-3) instead of spawning level 3-4 maps
  • Can no longer use Animate Dead to turn Dark Father corpse into bones

Slayer Changes

  • Blood Elemental Slayer weapons / instruments will now spawn as common slayer weapons / instruments
  • Snow Elemental Slayer effect has been improved to now include Ice Elementals
  • Added Sand Vortex and Efreet to Elemental super slayer group
  • Repond, Wolf, Reptile, and Daemon Slayer groups have been updated
  • Yomotsu and Fan Dancers have been removed from the Repond group
  • Fan Dancer has been added to the Demon Slayer group
  • All Daemon Slayers will become demon slayers
  • Daemon Slayers will no longer spawn


Update 1

On January 26, 2005, the following was published:

  • ERT update to fix an issue with the Ninjitsu ability Focus Attack where under certain circumstances, the weapon held by the ninja may have a hit chance property reduced.

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