From books of lore to spellbooks, there are several types of books in UO. You can use a special red leaf found on certain player-grown plants to "lock" the text in a book and prevent it from being edited. This leaf permanently seals the text in the book and it can never be changed.

Types of Books


  • Dimensional Travel, a Monograph, by Dryus Doost, Mage
  • The Life of a Travelling Minstrel, by Sarah of Yew
  • A Primer on Arms and Weapons, by Martin
  • Virtue, by Lord British
  • Treatise on Alchemy, by Felicia Hierophant
  • A Welcome, by Lord Blackthorn
  • Ter Mur Quest Reward Books

Runebook (Inscription)

Skill/Spell Books

Artifact Spellbooks