Book of Bard Masteries

Book of Bard Masteries.png Book of Bard Masteries is a spellbook that contains Bard Masteries. It is blessed and need not be insured. It can be obtained by completing The Beacon of Harmony for using Peacemaking abilities, Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser for using Provocation abilities or Wielding the Sonic Blade for using Discordance abilities. The abilities cannot be used unless the specific quest is completed.

  • The tooltip (mouse over) indicates the selected Bard Mastery (and in case of Discord Mastery the selected damage type). In case the tooltip isnt yet actualized intone one of the songs in the book once.
  • Bard Masteries can be switch through context menue of the book (cool down of 10 minutes).
  • Once Discord Mastery is selected, damage type selection for Despair is shown too (no cool down on switching between those, but only when Despair is not active).
  • Song Icons can be drag out of the book to the UI, like spell icons out of other Spellbooks.

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