Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser

Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser is a quest for learning the Bard Masteries of the Provocation path: Inspire and Invigorate. In order to begin, you will need to have at least 90.0 skill in Provocation and Musicianship and you should locate a Battle Rouser Npc at any conservatory on Trammel or Felucca.

Quest Description

  • This quest is the single quest required for a player to unlock the provocation mastery abilities for bards. This quest can be completed multiple times to reinstate the provocation mastery. To prove yourself worthy, you must be able to incite even the most peaceful to frenzied battle lust.

Quest Objective

A different Wandering Healer must be targeted each time. One of the best ways to accomplish this quest is to buy five rabbits from a Stablemaster NPC then head to Ilshenar, Sacrifice. From there you'll need to travel roughly northwest then north. Eventually you will find an area full of wandering healers called Healer's Grove. Provoke away. However, keep in mind you may lose Karma.


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