Instruments are items used to make music to provoke, discord or calm the creatures in the surrounding area. Some more specific instruments can be used for other purposes like Snake Charming.

Bardic Instruments

Aud-Char.png Aud-Char Bamboo Flute.png Bamboo Flute Drum.png Drum Lap harp.png Lap Harp
Lute.png Lute Standing harp.png Standing Harp Tambourine.png Tambourine Tambourine tassel.png Tambourine (tassel)


Dread flute.png Dread Flute Bamboo Flute.png Flute of Renewal
Gwenno's Harp.png Gwenno's Harp Iolo's Lute.png Iolo's Lute

Special Instruments