Flute of Renewal

Bamboo Flute.png
Flute Of Renewal
Uses Remaining: 300
Weight: 2 Stones
Random Super Slayer
Replenish Charges

The Flute Of Renewal is a Bamboo Flute that was obtained during the Treasures of Tokuno events. It is classified as a Minor Tokuno Artifact. There is one flute per each of the seven super slayer types (except the Fey Slayer).

Recharging Uses

The flutes recharge at a rate of 1 use every 5 minutes. Note that they will recharge in your backpack, bankbox, or house secure while you are logged in, but will only recharge while stored in a house secure when you are logged out. They will vanish like other instruments if they reach 0 uses.


Whenever the events are active, the Minor Artifacts can be obtained by slaying creatures around the Tokuno Islands (with the exception of Cranes). The more creatures killed, the more likely an artifact would appear in your pack upon defeating the next foe.

If you have 10 such Minor Tokuno Artifacts, they can be "returned" to Ihara Soko the Imperial Minister of Trade in exchange for a Major Tokuno Artifact (even if they have been damaged through use).