Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune

Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune.png
Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune
Weight: 2 Stones
Mana Regeneration 1
Luck 300
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 10%
Cold Resist 10%
Poison Resist 10%
Energy Resist 15%
Strength Requirement 30
Durability: 255 / 255

Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune is a Leather Mempo that was obtained during just the third Treasures of Tokuno event.

This particular artifact is classified as a Minor Tokuno Artifact, in that it drops directly to your pack. There was a known issue of it not being able to be turned in for a Major Artifact at the beginning of the event [1] and this hasn't been checked later for it was considered a rare drop by the players and far too valuable to turn in for any Major Artifact.

It provides more Luck than any other single item.

Whenever the events are active, the Minor Artifacts can be obtained by slaying creatures around the Tokuno Islands (with the exception of Cranes). The more creatures killed, the more likely an artifact would appear in your pack upon defeating the next foe.

If you have 10 such Minor Tokuno Artifacts, they can be "returned" to Ihara Soko the Imperial Minister of Trade in exchange for a Major Tokuno Artifact (even if they have been damaged through use).

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