Renamed when the entire realm was given its new title -- when Lord Robert was defeated on the Crimson Plains -- Britain is the capital city of Britannia. Lord British's seat of power is located at what could be considered the interior vertex of the angular continent. It is situated beside a great river that runs from the eastern mountain range into Brittany Bay.

For its size, Britain is a clean city, looking much like an English city at the end of the Medieval era, just on the cusp of the Renaissance. Magnificent stone buildings intermixed with sturdy wood-and-plaster shops and homes. In the middle of the walled-city is Lord British's marvelous castle, complete with moat and draw bridge. Overall, Britain represents the latest and best of every discipline imaginable, second only to those communities that specialize in particular disciplines (and only in the aspects relating to those specific disciplines).

General Facts

  • Theme: City of Compassion
  • Associated Virtue: Compassion
  • Common Professions: Merchants, Artisans, Adventurers
  • Location: 0°52'S 15°40'E
  • Government (Trammel): Ruled by the Britannian Council
  • Government (Felucca): Ruled by Factions



Alchemists & Mages

Bakers & Butchers

Bridges & Gates

Carpenters, Bowfletchers, & Architects

Guild Halls


Inns & Taverns



Tailors & Tanners

Tinkers & Jewelers

Weapon & Armor Shops


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