Mana Cost 10 Bushido evasion.gif
Minimum Skill 60.0
Duration 3 to 6 seconds with a 2 second bonus if your Bushido is above 100.0 and both Tactics and Anatomy are 100.0 or better
Area of Effect Caster
Description Increases your chance to parry, also grants the ability to parry direct damage attacks from other sources, such as spells and Dragons Breath. Evasion can only be used once every 20 seconds. The chance to block is based on Bushido, Anatomy, and Tactics. The duration of Evasion is also influenced by these skills.

See Also

You can only cast Evasion with a weapon equipped. What if I swap weapons or get disarmed during evasion? When you switch weapons whilst under the evasion spell, a check is performed on each attack of your current weapon, meaning if you start evading with a one handed weapon, and switch to a 2 handed weapon, you will receive the evasion bonus of a 2 handed weapon whilst the 2 handed weapon is equipped.

If you're disarmed you will not be able to evade, the evasion buff however will remain because if you re-arm you will continue to evade.