Stitcher's Mittens

Stitcher's Mittens.png
Stitcher's Mittens
Weight: 2 Stones
Elves Only
+10 Healing
Dexterity Bonus 5
Lower Reagent Cost 30%
Physical Resist 20%
Fire Resist 3%
Cold Resist 20%
Poison Resist 4%
Energy Resist 4%
Strength Requirement 10
Durability: 255 / 255

The Stitcher's Mittens are a pair of Leaf Gloves and also one of the Craftable Artifacts. A rare Tailoring Recipe scroll is required to create it.

Craftable Artifacts such as this require very high levels of skill to create. If possible, it is best to use power scrolls in order to improve the success chance. Talismans can also tip the odds in your favour - you'll want as much help as you can get, considering that failure could potentially destroy valuable ingredients (which are mostly acquired via lengthy battles against Peerless bosses).

They are always created in a certain colour, regardless of the material from which they are made. They can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno.

Craftable Artifacts cannot have additional Item Properties added using Runic Tools, nor can they typically receive Exceptional bonuses. If they can be damaged, their maximum Durability can be increased back to the original of 255 via Powder of Fortifying.


Crafting the Tailoring item Stitcher's Mittens
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
92.5 Tailoring
Leather.png 15 Leather or Hides
Corruption.png 10 Corruption
Taint.png 10 Taint
Captured Essence.png 1 Captured Essence
100.0 skill = 65.0%
110.0 skill = 85.0%
120.0 skill = 100.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes
Requires the "Mondain's Legacy" expansion.
Requires a Tailoring Recipe scroll.