Peerless Ingredients

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These resources spawn on the corpses of Peerless bosses. There are two subtypes: Those which are dropped in various amounts be any Peerless boss, and those which are only dropped as a single unit by a specific Peerless boss.

Peerless Reagents are primarily used in the creation of Craftable Artifacts.

Name Rarity
Blight.png Blight Common
Corruption.png Corruption Common
Muculent.png Muculent Common
Putrefaction.png Putrefaction Uncommon
Scourge.png Scourge Uncommon
Taint.png Taint Uncommon
Name Dropped By
Captured Essence.png Captured Essence Shimmering Effusion
Diseased Bark.png Diseased Bark Lady Melisande
Dread Horn Mane.png Dread Horn Mane Dread Horn
Eye Of The Travesty.png Eye of the Travesty Travesty
Grizzled Bones.png Grizzled Bones Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Lard Of Paroxysmus.png Lard of Paroxysmus Chief Paroxysmus