Shimmering Effusion

The Shimmering Effusion

The Shimmering Effusion is the Peerless boss for the Prism of Light dungeon, which is located on the north end of the island on which the city of Nujel'm is located.

The Effusion can be killed solo. When acquiring the keys area peacemaking is an asset.


Shimmering Effusion Statistics
Spawn Locations Prism of Light
Fame Level 5 Slayer Vulnerability Fey
Karma Level 5 Alignment Evil
First Seen Mondain's Legacy Pack Instinct None
Gold Magic Items 16
Special Artifacts (Peerless), Statuettes, Shimmering Crystals
, Crimson Cincture
Cut Up None
Strength 575 Hit Points 25,000
Dexterity 309 Stamina 309
Intelligence 1569 Mana 1569
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 140.0 Poisoning N/A
Tactics 105 Magery 150.0
Resisting Spells 150.0 Evaluating Intelligence 150.0
Anatomy 0 Meditation 150.0
Detecting Hidden 100 Hiding -
Parrying - Healing -
Necromancy 150 Spirit Speak 150
Mysticism - Focus 120
Spellweaving 120 Discordance -
Bushido - Ninjitsu -
Chivalry 150 Special Abilities Spawns Corporeal Brume, Fetid Essence and Mantra Effervescence
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 60 - 80 60 - 80 60 - 80 60 - 80 60 - 80
Damage 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%



  • Always kill the summoned creatures first. Especially the Corporeal Brumes take a while to kill and have high physical resists. If you fail to kill the summoned creatures quickly the spawn can get out of hand. Barding skills help a lot. If too many creatures have spawned leave the main room through the red moon gate. Lure the spawn away from the teleporter tile and go back killing the spawn one by one. Beyond the red moon gate there is also an ankh. Be careful with the second moon gate: It leads out of the peerless area and there is no way back.


Crystal Daemon: Scattered Crystals

Crystal Hydra: Shattered Crystals

Crystal Sea Serpent: Crushed Crystal Pieces

Crystal Vortex: Jagged Crystals

Crystal Lattice Seeker: Pieces of Crystal

Unfrozen Mummy: Broken Crystal

  • The point at which you exchange the Crystals for the main keys is VERY deep in the dungeon. Demons and mummies have a high key drop rate. Hydras, Vortices and Lattice seekers have their keys less often. Usually the critical key is that of the Crystal Sea Serpents. They are easy to kill but do not have a high key drop rate.
  • Some find that a Mystic Mage is the easiest way to farm keys, some doing so in about 20 minutes! (example template: 120 mysticism, 120 imbuing, 120 magery, 120 evalint, 120 mediation, 120 Spellweaving) Keep yourself invised and let the Rising Colossus do all the work. Another good template is a mage bard.
  • Do not be confused by the crystals that do not have timers. The untimed crystals are part of a quest and are the base ingredient for crystal dust. They are not Peerless keys.

Dropping Keys

In the unfrozen mummy room, there are six pillars. Each key must be dropped on the correct pillar, in the proper order. Stand near the middle of the top three pillars and invis. Drop the first three keys in order, and then do the same for the bottom three.

This is the order to drop:

Broken, Crushed, Pieces

Scattered, Jagged, Shattered

You will then be given the keys to enter and fight Shimmering Effusion.


Shimmering crystals 1.jpg Shimmering crystals 2.gif Shimmering Crystals Comes in several types and several greenish colors. Ingredient for Crystal Granules. Common
Corporeal brume statuette.jpg Corporeal Brume Statuette Decorative. Makes sounds Uncommon
Mantra effervescence statuette.gif Mantra Effervescence Statuette Decorative. Makes sounds Uncommon
Corporeal brume statuette.jpg Fetid Essence Statuette Decorative. Makes sounds Uncommon
Mantra effervescence statuette.gif Shimmering Effusion Statuette Decorative. Makes sounds Uncommon
FCrystal.png A Ferret Imprisoned In Crystal Summons a max skilled pet ferret Uncommon
Crystalline Ring.PNG Crystalline Ring Magery +20 Focus +20 Hit Point Regen 5 Mana Regen 3 Spell Damage Increase 20% Rare
Captured Essence.png Captured Essence Ingredient for Craftable Artifacts Common

Each ML peerless will drop 8 mixed items (total) from the following group:

Corruption.png Corruption Taint.png Taint Blight.png Blight
Putrefaction.png Putrefaction Muculent.png Muculent Scourge.png Scourge

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