Lady Melisande

Lady Melisande

Lady Melisande was once a dryad devoted to a powerful tree in Yew. The swamps destroyed her tree and her lands, cursing her in the process. Her touch upon the land now taints and corrupts.

While Lady Melisande may have lost all her beauty, she is nonetheless extremely formidable. Her power, once used for the good of nature, is now entrenched in the evil that causes her immortal pain. Her spindly fingers clutch at the souls of humans and Elves venturing in her path.

Lady Melisande is the Peerless of the Blighted Grove dungeon. Her lair can be entered by completing the Frightened Dryad's quest.

She is vulnerable to the Fey Slayer type weapons, currently of which the only ones available are Pixie Swatter, Ironwood Composite Bow, Wind of Corruption, Fallen Mystic's Spellbook and Defiler of Virtue, or a custom weapon can be crafted and imbued with this slayer property using Fey Wings.

She is vulnerable to physical and fire damage and she is not an easy fight.


Lady Melisande Statistics
Spawn Locations Blighted Grove
Fame Level 5 Slayer Vulnerability Fey Slayer
Karma Level 5 Alignment Evil
First Seen Mondain's Legacy Pack Instinct None
Gold 8,000 Magic Items 16
Special Artifacts (Peerless), Eternally Corrupt Tree, Crimson Cincture Cut Up None
Strength 487 Hit Points 100,000
Dexterity 400 Stamina 400
Intelligence 1,680 Mana 1,680
Barding Difficulty 160 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 11-18 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 135 Poisoning None
Tactics 100.2 Magery 120
Resisting Spells 120 Evaluating Intelligence 120
Anatomy 100 Meditation 120
Detecting Hidden 100 Hiding -
Parrying - Healing -
Necromancy 120 Spirit Speak 120
Mysticism - Focus 78.6
Spellweaving - Discordance -
Bushido - Ninjitsu -
Chivalry - Special Abilities
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 43-58 39-43 55-61 69-74 75-77
Damage 50% 50%


  • Has a retinue of several (5) evil satyrs.
  • Talks a scary smack talk.


  • The Satyrs' discordance ability can severely weaken players, so at the beginning attack cautiously and control the situation. Using Energy Fields in the right places will help keep Lady Melisande at a distance, and allow the satyrs to be killed one by one. In a party with no mages, use other luring techniques.
  • BEST TACTIC: Have a Tamer wearing high resist armour with a Cu Sidhe taking damage and Mages try to keep the tamer alive and dispel the revenant if it is summoned. With this tactic she can be defeated by 3 players.
  • RICHWARF TACTIC: Use a Tamer(s) with a Greater Dragon(s) as they have a lot more HP. This works better with a tamer mage so s/he can heal with the mage as well. This tactic can be done solo but is harder. It is also thought 3+ tamers will make light work, just remember the more dragons present in the party, the faster Melisande can be defeated.


  • Requires a blessing from the Frightened Dryad to enter.
  • The Frightened Dryad will ask you to kill 12 Insane Dryads and 1 Saliva.
  • Insane Dryads will suddenly appear when you walk close to certain trees in Blighted Grove. It is always the same trees, but it seems to take quite a long time for the Insane Dryads to respawn.
  • Saliva is a blue named harpy, hidden inside a 'cave' inside the great tree.
  • Do it. She will give you a "Dryad's Blessing," which can be exchanged for the "Dryad's Curse" via the wicker basket near the Frightened Dryad.
  • The Dryad's Curse is your main key. Double click it to get you and your party into the Peerless Room and fight Lady Melisande.


Name Description Frequency of Drop
Melisandes fermented wines.gif
Melisandes Fermented Wine
Decorative / explosive (like Greater Exploding Potions) Very Common, 8 colors
Etnernally corrupt tree.jpg
Eternally Corrupt Tree
Decorative. Comes in 24 colors Common
Lady melisande hair dyes.jpg
Hair Dye
Dyes your hair colors that can not be obtained anywhere else. Needs ML to use. Melisande can spawn any of the 26 "special hair dye"s with a hue ID between 1150 and 1175.
Additional information here here. Can somebody contact the author to see if we can copy the information?
Albino squirrel.jpg
An albino squirrel imprisoned in a crystal
Pure white Squirrel Uncommon
Melisandes corroded hatchet.gif
Melisande's Corroded Hatchet
+5 Lumberjacking (no bonus over 100) Rare
Diseased Bark.png
Diseased Bark
Ingredient for Craftable Artifacts Common

Each ML peerless will drop 8 mixed items (total) from the following group:

Corruption.png Corruption Taint.png Taint Blight.png Blight
Putrefaction.png Putrefaction Muculent.png Muculent Scourge.png Scourge

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