Blight is a common Peerless Reagent that is used in the creation of certain Craftable Artifacts and Magical Craftables. It spawns on the corpses of Peerless monsters. There are two subtypes: reagents that only spawn on a specific peerless boss, and ones that can spawn on every peerless boss. Blight is of the later type.

Blight is used along with other ingredients to create the following items:

Cold Forged Blade Cold Forged Blade
Overseer Sundered Blade Overseer Sundered Blade
The Night Reaper The Night Reaper
Blight Gripped Longbow Blight Gripped Longbow
Quiver of Blight Quiver of Blight
Song Woven Mantle Song Woven Mantle
Diseased Machete Diseased Machete
Darkwood Crown Darkwood Crown
Darkwood Gorget Darkwood Gorget