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Leather is one of the material types used by Tailors in Ultima Online. It can be purchased from NPC vendors, but is usually harvested from corpses. Mostly it is used to craft Armor.

In order to obtain leather, you must first kill a creature then use a bladed weapon on the body. The Leather Hides will then be placed on the corpse for you to collect. These weigh five stones each, but can be converted to normal "cut" leather by using Scissors on them (reducing the weight down to a stone apiece). Either way leather is stackable.

Another way to harvest leather is to skin creatures with a Skinning Knife equipped. This way, the hides are automatically converted to leather then placed in your backpack. The same effect is also possessed by the Butcher's War Cleaver, except that this weapon is not required to be equipped for the automatic harvesting to "cut leather". Fixed: Note also, that both will leave the cut leather on the corpse being skinned, if the weight of one's equipment is approximately 350 stones or more. This bug is believed to be related to the maximum capacity of backpacks from prior to Mondain's Legacy, but actual confirmation has not been forthcoming from EA.

Hides can be turned in for reward points in the Britain Library Collection.

Spined Hide
Barbed Hide

Leather Types

There are 4 different kinds of leather: Normal, Spined, Horned and Barbed. The three special types give additional properties to Tailor crafted armor:

Leather Skill Physical resist icon.png Fire resist icon.png Cold resist icon.png Poison resist icon.png Energy resist icon.png Total Other



0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Leather (Spined).png

65.0 +9 0 0 0 0 +9 Luck +40


Leather (Horned).png

80.0 +2 +4 +3 +3 +3 +15


Leather (Barbed).png

99.0 +3 +2 +3 +3 +5 +16

Creature Drop Rates

Plain Spined Horned Barbed
Creature Amount
Bullfrog 4
Timber Wolf 5
Bogling 6
Giant Rat 6
Gorilla 6
Greater Mongbat 6
Grey Wolf, White Wolf 6
Skree 6
Anzuanord 7
Leather Wolf 7
Deathwatch Beetle, Deathwatch Beetle Hatchling 8
Goat 8
Hind 8
Snow Leopard 8
Cougar, Panther 10
Cu Sidhe 10
Horse, Pack Horse 10
Slith 10
Brown Bear, Black Bear 12
Cow 12
Llama, Rideable Llama 12
Mountain Goat 12
Savage Ridgeback 12
Walrus 12
Bull 15
Giant Ice Worm 15
Great Hart 15
Grizzly Bear 16
Polar Bear 16
Gaman 17
Cold Drake 20
Yamandon 20
Swamp Dragon 20
Tsuki Wolf 25
Bake Kitsune 30
Hydra, Abscess 40
Thrasher 48
Hiryu, Lesser Hiryu 60
Creature Amount
Imp 6
Dire Wolf 6
Centaur 8
Ratman, all types 8
Hellcat, all types 10
Alligator 12
Giant Toad 12
Lizardman 12
Ridgeback 12
Stone Slith 12
Lava Lizard 14
Giant Ice Serpent 15
Giant Serpent 15
Lava Serpent 15
Lowland Boura 20
Ruddy Boura 20
Creature Amount
Ki-Rin 10
Raptor 10
Sea Serpent, Deep Sea Serpent 10
Toxic Slith 10
Unicorn 10
Kepetch Ambusher 12
Drake 20
Wyvern 20
High Plains Boura 22
Creature Amount
Nightmare 10
Ancient Wyrm 20
Dragon 20
Serpentine Dragon 20
Shadow Wyrm 20
Skeletal Dragon 20
White Wyrm 20
Greater Dragon 30

Leather is affected by the "double resources" rule in the Felucca ruleset. Also, Humans gain ten percent more leather when skinning (22 instead of 20, 53 instead of 48, etc.), rounded up. For Humans hunting in Felucca, base amount is doubled, then the 10% bonus is applied, for purposes of rounding off fractions.

For example, an elf hunting Giant Serpents in Trammel would get 15 spined leather per kill, while a human hunting the same creatures would get 17 spined leather per kill (15 x 110% = 16.5, rounding up to 17).
In Felucca, against the same creature type, an elf would get 30 spined leather(15 x 2) per kill, while a human would get 33 ((15 x 2) x 110%).