Blacksmithing Menu

Bladed is a weapon category of the Blacksmithy crafting menu. There are several such categories: Axes; Polearms; and Bashing. Generally speaking, bladed weapons are Swordsmanship and Fencing weapons.

In addition to melee battle, bladed weapons can be used on the corpses of various beasts to produce such items as: feathers, hides, raw birds, raw ribs, scales, and wool.

The Skinning Knife, when equipped, will automatically convert the Leather Hides to Leather and then place them in your backpack, even if you are not carrying Scissors. The Butcher's War Cleaver does the same thing, but does not need to be equipped.


The following weapons are bladed and presented in the same order as on the Blacksmithy crafting menu:

Blacksmith Bladed Weapons

† Crafted by Tinkers.


The Paladin Sword is a bladed weapon that never made the Blacksmithy crafting menu. An example of such a sword type is The Redeemer.