This page deals with generic information concerning all Axe type weapons. See here for the Axe item, or here for Axe items craftable by a smith.

Axes are similar to swords in that they require the Swordsmanship skill to use, however they come with a few special twists. Note that these do not apply to the War Axe (which is a Mace Fighting weapon).

You can use an Axe class weapon on a tree to extract Logs and train the Lumberjacking skill. As your woodchopping skill increases, you gain a Damage Increase bonus in combat when using an Axe - up to 30% at Grand Master. The formula is Lumberjack skill ÷ 5 (plus 10% if Lumberjacking is equal to or greater than 100).

Lumberjacking is also gained when using an Axe in melee combat.

Aside from the standard cutting properties associated with bladed items, Axes can also be used to chop up certain House Addons.

Classes of Axes

These items can each be crafted by Blacksmiths, with the exception of the Hatchet, which is a Tinkered weapon. All are Two-Handed Weapons.

Type Base
Axe.png Axes 14 - 16 Crushing Blow Dismount 3s
Battle Axe.png Battle Axes 15 - 17 Bleed Attack Concussion Blow 3.5s
Double Axe.png Double Axes 15 - 17 Double Strike Whirlwind Attack 3.25s
Executioner's Axe.png Executioner's Axes 15 - 17 Bleed Attack Mortal Strike 3.25s
Hatchet.png Hatchets 13 - 15 Armor Ignore Disarm 2.75s
Large Battle Axe.png Large Battle Axes 16 - 17 Whirlwind Attack Bleed Attack 3.75s
Ornate Axe.png Ornate Axes 18 - 20 Disarm Crushing Blow 3.5s
Two Handed Axe.png Two Handed Axes 16 - 17 Double Strike Shadowstrike 3.5s

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