Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond.png
The Blue Diamond is a resource that spawns in the backpack of Grandmaster miners. There is no special place to mine for this, any location that yeilds ore can spawn a resource gem. You also require a Blue Diamond to recharge the 8th Year veteran reward Weapon Engraving Tool. The Blue Diamond, among others, is an Imbuing ingredient and is required to craft the following items:

Arcane Circle (Item) Arcane Circle
Resilient Bracer Resilient Bracer
Longbow of Might Longbow of Might
True Spellblade True Spellblade
Gemmed Circlet Gemmed Circlet
Guardian Axe Guardian Axe
Mage's Runeblade Mage's Runeblade
Silver-Etched Mace Silver-Etched Mace
True Leafblade True Leafblade
Blue Diamond Ring Blue Diamond Ring