Weapon Engraving Tool

Weapon engraving tool.png

An 8th year Veteran Reward, the Weapon Engraving Tool lets you mark weapons with any text you want. Your account must be 96 months or older to use/recharge the tool. Double-click the tool and target a weapon to engrave. A gump will appear for you to input the text. Press "Ok" to engrave the weapon.


  • Holds a maximum of 10 charges
  • Can engrave a maximum of 64 characters
  • To remove all engravings, simply engrave the weapon again but don't enter any text
  • Can be recharged with the Tinkering skill once the tool has been completely drained of charges.
    • Requires a Blue Diamond to recharge to 10 charges.
    • Simply double click on the tool once it has been depleted to recharge.
    • The account of the tinker must be 96 months or older.
  • Alternatively, one may recharge the tool by visiting a Tinker Guildmaster and opening a Contextual Menu on them and selecting "Recharge Weapon Engraving Tool"
    • Again, the account must be 96 months or older.
    • This method too requires a Blue Diamond in addition to 100,000 gold coins.
  • The engraved text appears in orange one line below the item name

Example Engravings

Weapon engraving 1.png

Weapon engraving 2.png

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