Bound to the Land

The yellow dot is the Frightened Dryad and basket, the green dot is the entrance to Saliva, and the red dots are Insane Dryad hiding locations.

This quest is given by The Frightened Dryad inside Blighted Grove dungeon. Double-click on the dryad to take it on. You will need a Bone Machete to enter the dungeon.


Insane Dryads are hiding throughout Blighted Grove. To make them appear you must walk near the trees they hide in. The map on the right shows the locations as red dots.

Saliva can be found inside the giant tree. Walk up the southwest root and into the vines (green dot on map to right). You will find yourself inside the tree. It can be quite difficult because there are also 2 Changelings and 2 Harpys inside along with Saliva. The constant cursing you receive from lack of air is also distracting, but does not disrupt spells.


This is used to combat the peerless Lady Melisande. Once you have the blessing it will only last X seconds before it disappears. It is best to kill all the required creatures but do not return to the Frightened Dryad until you are ready to fight Melisande. Once you have the Dryad's Blessing, place it in the basket next to the Frightened Dryad to receive the peerless keys.


Oh help! Help me! I don't want to end up like my sisters, enslaved by the cruel Melisande. I cannot flee, I am bound here by the evil of the harpy Saliva. Won't you please help me and redeem my sisters at the same time? I will grant you my blessing in return.

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