Fame is one of two variables in the Reputation Title System, the other being Karma. Fame also is required to pursue the Virtue of Sacrifice.

When fame is mentioned in reference to monsters, it is a commodity. Just as with gold, the tougher the monster, the higher the monster's level of fame, and the greater the amount of fame earned by the character who kills it. All creatures, both animals and monsters, have a predetermined amount of fame. A Balron has a fame of Level 5. Its actual fame amount is 24,000. A Dragon also has a fame of Level 5, but its actual fame is far less, at 15,000. It is suggested that a character that is seeking fame should note such differences.

When fame is mentioned in reference to player characters, it refers to an aspect of the Reputation Title System. Fame runs an open-ended range from 0 to 10,000 and above. Within that range is an exponential scale, as shown in Table 1. As the fame scale is exponential, it becomes increasingly more difficult to gain a higher level. Fame is not earned on a one-for-one basis; killing a single Balron will not grant the character 24,000 points. Only a small portion of a creature's fame transferred to the warrior that vanquished it.

Fame can also be gained by doing Bulk Order Deeds. This is how characters that are primarily crafters acquire titles. Fame can be calculated by the following approximate formulas:

After Slaying a Creature

  Fame\;(Gained) = \left\{	
  \begin{array}{l l}	
    \frac{Creature's\;Fame - Player's\;Fame}{100} & \quad \text{if the Player has a lower Fame than the Creature}\\	
    0 & \quad \text{else}\\	
  \end{array} \right.

  \scriptstyle (Creature's\;Fame=Fame\;(Gained)\times 100+Player's\;Fame)

After Resurrection

  Fame\;(Lost) = \frac{Player's\;Fame}{10}

Table 1: Fame Levels & Amounts

Fame Level Amount
Level 1 0 to 1,249
Level 2 1,250 to 2,499
Level 3 2,500 to 4,999
Level 4 5,000 to 9,999
Level 5 10,000 and above

Table 2: Creatures with Level 4 or 5 Fame Amounts

Fame Amount Creatures
5000 Coral Snake, Fire Ant, High Plains Boura, Wolf Spider
5500 Drake
6000 Kepetch, Tikitavi [Renowned]
6500 Ratman Archer
7000 Clan Chitter Tinkerer, Dryad, Ethereal Warrior, Fire Rabbit, Pixie, Silver Serpent, Toxic Slith
7500 Clan Ribbon Supplicant, Moloch, Raptor, Ratman Mage
8000 Kaze Kemono, Lich, Meer Mage, Rai-Ju, Rakktavi [Renowned], Vitavi [Renowned]
9000 Ki-Rin, Unicorn
9500 Devourer of Souls [Renowned]
10000 Acid Elemental [Renowned], Acid Elemental, Bloodworm, Crystal Daemon, Crystal Vortex, Crystal Wisp, Dark Wisp, Efreet, Enraged Earth Elemental, Exodus Overseer, Gargoyle Destroyer, Gray Goblin, Green Goblin, Juka Warrior, Lesser Hiryu , Ophidian Avenger, Ophidian Knight-Errant, Raging Grizzly Bear, Terathan Matriarch, Treefellow Guardian, Zealot of Khaldun Summoner, Zealot of Khaldun Knight
10500 Evil Mage Lord, Grobu
11000 Interred Grizzle, Kraken, Meer Captain, Minotaur, Troglodyte
11500 Ophidian Justicar, Titan
12000 Blackthorn Juggernaut, Minotaur Scout, Oni, Yomotsu Elder
12500 Blood Elemental, Elder Gazer, Feral Treefellow, Lava Elemental, Poison Elemental, Rotting Corpse, Unfrozen Mummy
13000 Minotaur Captain, Moug-Guur, Plague Beast, Protector
14000 Nightmare
15000 Archdemon, Arctic Ogre Lord, Betrayer, Changeling, Daemon, Dragon, Fairy Dragon, Fire Daemon, Gray Goblin Keeper, Gray Goblin Mage, Green Goblin Alchemist , Green Goblin Scout, Iron Beetle, Juka Lord, Juka Mage, Lady of the Snow, Ogre Lord, Orc Brute, Phoenix, Rune Beetle, Serpentine Dragon, Skeletal Lich, Sphynx, Tentacles of the Harrower, Terathan Avenger, Wight
16000 Minotaur General, Ophidian Matriarch
17500 Coil, Gnaw, Saliva
18000 Abyssmal Abomination, Bane Dragon, Crystal Lattice Seeker, Dream Wraith, Exodus Minion, Hiryu, Ice Fiend, Lady Jennifyr, Lady Marai, Lich Lord, Master Jonath, Master Mikael, Meer Eternal, Niporailem, Pit Fiend, Sir Patrick, Swoop, Undead Gargoyle, White Wyrm
18500 Greater Poison Elemental, Pit Fiend
19000 Lady Lissith, Lady Sabrix, Sentinel Spider
20000 Cu Sidhe, Fire Steed, Pixie [Renowned], Reptalon, Silvani, Tyball's Shadow, Wanderer of the Void
21000 Guile, Irk, Miasma, Spite, Virulent
21500 Master Theophilus
22000 Darknight Creeper, Crystal Hydra, Greater Dragon, Hydra, Medusa, Yamandon
22500 Ancient Wyrm, Barracoon the Piper, Lord Oaks, Mephitis, Neira, Rikktor Shadow Wyrm, Skeletal Dragon [Renowned], Skeletal Dragon, Skeletal Drake, Stygian Dragon, Thrasher
23000 Ancient Lich [Renowned], Ancient Lich, Flesh Renderer, Maddening Horror, Putrid Undead Gargoyle
24000 Balron, Fire Daemon [Renowned], Forgotten Servant, Impaler, Lurg, Navrey Night-Eyes, Semidar, Succubus
25000 Fire Elemental [Renowned], Gray Goblin Mage [Renowned], Green Goblin Alchemist [Renowned], Harrower, Shadow Knight, Tangle, Wyvern [Renowned]
26000 Abyssmal Horror
27000 Szavetra
28000 Dark Father, Primeval Lich, Pyre, Red Death, Rend
30000 Abscess
32000 Putrefier

Ostensibly, fame is the visual component of the Reputation Title System. With a fame of Level 5, the title "Lord" or "Lady" is added to the character's name. The title appears in the Paperdoll, when approaching from off-screen, and after the use of the allnames command. Karma has no influence over the off-screen and allnames title, while the Paperdoll shows both the fame and karma titles. If a character gains a Reputation Title, it will supersede the fame and karma title.


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