Poison Elemental

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Poison Elementals are the result of corruption of Air Elementals by horrific magic. It is believed that air elementals that disobey an evil summoner are sometimes punished in this fashion. If such is the case, poison elementals hate their very existence, as it is an abomination of everything they were as an air elemental. Those unlucky enough to see a poison elemental should immediately turn tail lest they become an outlet for the revenge of the cursed elemental.

These aweful monsters can cast 7th level spells and can take tremendous amounts of damage.


Poison Elemental Statistics
Spawn Locations Palace of Paroxysmus, Shame Level 3, Ki-Rin Passage, Pass of Karnaugh, Rock Dungeon Level 2, Sorcerers Dungeon Level 2, Arachnid Champion Spawn
Fame Level 5 (12500) Slayer Vulnerability Elemental Slayer, Poison Elemental Slayer
Karma Level 5 (-12500) Alignment Evil
First Seen Day One Pack Instinct None
Gold 750-950 Magic Items
Special Level-5 Treasure Map, Lesser Poison Potion, 1 medium level Scroll, 4 Nightshade Cut Up None
Strength 426-515 Hit Points 256-309
Dexterity 166-185 Stamina 166-185
Intelligence 361-435 Mana 361-435
Barding Difficulty 105.1 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 12-18 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 70.1-90.0 Poisoning 90.1-100.0
Tactics 80.1-100.0 Magery 80.1-95.0
Resisting Spells 85.2-115.0 Evaluating Intelligence 80.1-95.0
Anatomy 0 Meditation 0
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities Immune to level 5 poison and below, Can inflict level 5 poison.
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 60-70 20-30 20-30 100 40-50
Damage 10% 90%

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