Arachnid Champion Spawn

Level 1 Scorpions and Giant Spiders
Level 2 Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
Level 3 Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs
Level 4 Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers
Champion Mephitis
  • Recommend Slayer: Arachnid
  • Permanent Altar: Terathan Keep Underground Felucca
  • Title Rewards
    • First Tier: Bane of the Arachnid
    • Second Tier: Killer of the Arachnid
    • Third Tier: Vanquisher of the Arachnid
  • Level 1: (Slayer Pref.: Arachnid) Weakest Resist: Fire/Energy
  • Level 2: (Slayer Pref.: Terathan) Weakest Resist: Fire
  • Level 3: (Slayer Pref.: Arachnid) Weakest Resist: Fire
  • Level 4: (Slayer Pref.: Terathan) Weakest Resist: Fire
  • Mephitis: (Slayer Pref.: Spider) Weakest Resist: Fire/Energy/Cold 65-75%

Tips: Stone Boots won't cost you much but Will release spider web paralysis here and at Navrey. Best get used to throwing them on and off again.. Also 'armour ignore' would be the optimal weapon special with 'hit lowattack' based on its grand resists.

Reminder: there is some issue that might nerf slayer dmg when 'slayers' and 'hit spells' are together but i would research that idea before making an entire set of 100% elemental slayer weaps for your samp.