Scrolls are stackable items that weigh one stone each. They contain magical spells which can be placed into spellbooks, or cast directly by characters with low Magery or Necromancy skills. Scribes may make copies of such scrolls, however Spellweaving scrolls must be obtained by other means.


  • When used for casting, the Magery skill required is the same as a spell two circles lower.
  • Dropped by magic-using Monsters.
Eighth circle scrolls are typically only dropped by "super bosses" (event champions such as Shadowlords).
  • First circle: 0.0% skill
  • Second circle: 0.0% skill
  • Third circle: 3.5% skill
  • Fourth circle: 17.8% skill
  • Fifth circle: 32.1% skill
  • Sixth circle: 46.4% skill
  • Seventh circle: 60.7% skill
  • Eighth circle: 75.0% skill
Scribing uses one Blank Scroll, as well as Mana/Reagents equal to the amount required to cast the Spells themselves.
First Circle
Scroll Red South.png Clumsy
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Create Food
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Feeblemind
Scroll Green East.png Heal
Scroll Green South.png Magic Arrow
Scroll Light Blue East.png Night Sight
Scroll Red East.png Reactive Armor
Scroll Light Blue South.png Weaken
Second Circle
Scroll Orange East.png Agility
Scroll Orange South.png Cunning
Scroll Purple East.png Cure
Scroll Purple South.png Harm
Scroll Red East.png Magic Trap
Scroll Red South.png Magic Untrap
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Protection
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Strength
Third Circle
Scroll Green East.png Bless
Scroll Green South.png Fireball
Scroll Light Blue East.png Magic Lock
Scroll Light Blue South.png Poison
Scroll Orange East.png Telekinesis
Scroll Orange South.png Teleport
Scroll Purple East.png Unlock
Scroll Purple South.png Wall of Stone
Fourth Circle
Scroll Red East.png Arch Cure
Scroll Red South.png Arch Protection
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Curse
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Fire Field
Scroll Green East.png Greater Heal
Scroll Green South.png Lightning
Scroll Light Blue East.png Mana Drain
Scroll Light Blue South.png Recall
Fifth Circle
Scroll Orange East.png Blade Spirits
Scroll Orange South.png Dispel Field
Scroll Purple East.png Incognito
Scroll Purple South.png Magic Reflection
Scroll Red East.png Mind Blast
Scroll Red South.png Paralyze
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Poison Field
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Summon Creature
Sixth Circle
Scroll Green East.png Dispel
Scroll Green South.png Energy Bolt
Scroll Light Blue East.png Explosion
Scroll Light Blue South.png Invisibility
Scroll Orange East.png Mark
Scroll Orange South.png Mass Curse
Scroll Purple East.png Paralyze Field
Scroll Purple South.png Reveal
Seventh Circle
Scroll Red East.png Chain Lightning
Scroll Red South.png Energy Field
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Flamestrike
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Gate Travel
Scroll Green East.png Mana Vampire
Scroll Green South.png Mass Dispel
Scroll Light Blue East.png Meteor Swarm
Scroll Light Blue South.png Polymorph
Eighth Circle
Scroll Orange East.png Earthquake
Scroll Orange South.png Energy Vortex
Scroll Purple East.png Resurrection
Scroll Purple South.png Summon Air Elemental
Scroll Red East.png Summon Daemon
Scroll Red South.png Summon Earth Elemental
Scroll Dark Blue East.png Summon Fire Elemental
Scroll Dark Blue South.png Summon Water Elemental


Scribing uses one Blank Scroll, as well as Mana/Reagents equal to the amount required to cast the Spells themselves.
Scroll Inscription
Animated weapon scroll.png Animated Weapon 17.8
Bombard scroll.png Bombard 46.4
Cleansing winds scroll.png Cleansing Winds 46.4
Eagle strike scroll.png Eagle Strike 3.5
Enchant scroll.png Enchant 0.0
Hail storm scroll.png Hail Storm 60.7
Healing stone scroll.png Healing Stone 0.0
Mass sleep scroll.png Mass Sleep 32.1
Nether bolt scroll.png Nether Bolt 0.0
Nether cyclone scroll.png Nether Cyclone 75.0
Purge magic scroll.png Purge Magic 0.0
Rising colossus scroll.png Rising Colossus 75.0
Sleep scroll.png Sleep 3.5
Spell plague scroll.png Spell Plague 60.7
Spell trigger scroll.png Spell Trigger 32.1
Stone form scroll.png Stone Form 17.8


Scribing uses one Blank Scroll, as well as Mana/Reagents equal to the amount required to cast the Spells themselves.
Scroll Inscription
Scroll Animate Dead.png Animate Dead 39.6
Scroll Blood Oath.png Blood Oath 19.6
Scroll Corpse Skin.png Corpse Skin 19.6
Scroll Curse Weapon.png Curse Weapon 19.6
Scroll Evil Omen.png Evil Omen 19.6
Scroll Horrific Beast.png Horrific Beast 39.6
Scroll Lich Form.png Lich Form 69.6
Scroll Mind Rot.png Mind Rot 29.6
Scroll Pain Spike.png Pain Spike 19.6
Scroll Poison Strike.png Poison Strike 49.6
Scroll Strangle.png Strangle 64.6
Scroll Summon Familiar.png Summon Familiar 29.6
Scroll Vampiric Embrace.png Vampiric Embrace 98.6
Scroll Vengeful Spirit.png Vengeful Spirit 79.6
Scroll Wither.png Wither 59.6
Scroll Wraith Form.png Wraith Form 79.6
Scroll Exorcism.png Exorcism 79.6


Scroll Comments
Scroll Spellweaving.png Arcane Circle Can be earnt via Patience or Discipline quests.
Scroll Spellweaving.png Gift of Renewal Can be earnt via Patience or Discipline quests.
Scroll Spellweaving.png Immolating Weapon
Scroll Spellweaving.png Attunement
Scroll Spellweaving.png Thunderstorm
Scroll Spellweaving.png Nature's Fury
Scroll Spellweaving.png Summon Fey Only earnt via Friend of the Fey Quest.
Scroll Spellweaving.png Summon Fiend Only earnt via Fiendish Friends Quest.
Scroll Spellweaving.png Reaper Form
Scroll Spellweaving.png Wildfire
Scroll Spellweaving.png Essence of Wind
Scroll Spellweaving.png Dryad Allure
Scroll Spellweaving.png Ethereal Voyage
Scroll Spellweaving.png Word of Death
Scroll Spellweaving.png Gift of Life
Scroll Spellweaving.png Arcane Empowerment

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