Summon Fiend

Summon Fiend - Nylisstra
Icon summon fiend.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
10 38.0 2.0
Duration 1 - 5 minutes. (Spellweaving Skill x 10) / 240, minimum 1 or until slain.
Area of Effect One or more summoned creatures.
Arcane Focus Bonus 1 extra imp (subject to follower slots) and +1 minute duration per additional arcanist
Description Summons one or more Imps that act like any Summoned creature. Each Imp takes up 1 control slot. Guarding Imps won't attack an agressor (this may be a bug). The summon fiend scroll can only be obtained via the Fiendish Friends quest found in Sanctuary.

See Also

Minimum Skill Spellweaving Spells
0 Arcane Circle · Attunement · Gift of Renewal · Nature's Fury Flag spellweaving.gif
10 Immolating Weapon · Thunderstorm
24 Arcane Empowerment · Ethereal Voyage · Reaper Form
38 Gift of Life · Summon Fey · Summon Fiend
52 Dryad Allure · Essence of Wind
66 Wildfire
80 Word of Death