Word of Death

Arcane Focus 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Percentage Threshold Dead 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
500 Hit Points Dead 25 50 75 100 125 150
Word of Death - Nyraxle
Icon word of death.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
50 80.0 3.5
Duration Instantaneous
Area of Effect Single target
Arcane Focus Bonus +5% hit points per additional arcanist
Description Word of Death will deal a great amount of Direct Damage to a PvE target that is under the necessary amount of health. If the target is not under the required damage threshold, a pitiful amount of damage will be dealt. The chart at right details and gives an example of when it can be used. Slayer spellbooks do not enhance damage caused by Word of Death, but SDI does at the rate of 1 SDI = 3 Damage. There is no hard cap on SDI and therefore no hard cap on the amount of damage that can be dealt by Word of Death. The limit is only how much SDI a player can manage to pack onto one character, and damages of well over 700 points are not unheard of.

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