Dryad Allure

A charmed Arctic Ogre Lord.
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Dryad Allure - Rathril
Icon dryad allure.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
40 52.0 3.0
Duration Until the creature is slain, released, or abandoned
Area of Effect One creature
Arcane Focus Bonus +2% chance to charm per additional arcanist
Description Dryad Allure can be used to charm any humanoid creature. The charmed creature will act like any Pets or Summoned creatures. Allured monsters will never lose loyalty and always follows commands, responding "Very Well" to each one. Charmed creatures take 3 follower slots, no matter the type. Upon release, the charmed creature will say, "Sorry, but no." Upon a failure to charm, the message "The Humanoid becomes enraged by your charming attempt and attacks you." is given. Charming is effective on meer, savages, ratmen, the named ratman and ettin located in Sanctuary, and any non-paragon or non-named monster that is in the repond group (Titans, Cyclopean Warriors, Ettins, all Orc types, and all Ogre types), not including reptilian humanoids such as Lizardmen. Charmed creatures must be removed from the subserver they were charmed on for another of their type to spawn.

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Minimum Skill Spellweaving Spells
0 Arcane Circle · Attunement · Gift of Renewal · Nature's Fury Flag spellweaving.gif
10 Immolating Weapon · Thunderstorm
24 Arcane Empowerment · Ethereal Voyage · Reaper Form
38 Gift of Life · Summon Fey · Summon Fiend
52 Dryad Allure · Essence of Wind
66 Wildfire
80 Word of Death