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Located East of Shame Dungeon.

This makeshift town is the homes of elves (and others) that don't fit into mainstream elven society but share similar views and ethics with one another. A ragged camp of misfits and ethically challenged individuals. Sanctuary welcomes murderers with reckless abandon. Lethal encounters are common in and around the structures as housing is limited and the settlement operates on the basic assumption that taking what you want is the best approach to life. No one is ever safe in Sanctuary, but some of the most amazing tales are told there. Some are even true. Adventurers enter Sanctuary through a stockade entrance and quickly find themselves in terrain reminiscent of a giant garbage dump.


  • Felucca and Trammel - 0-58’ North 37-3’ West
  • Free entrance

Points of Interest

  • Hidden through the dungeon there are holes that will get you into some passage (Sanctuary Caves). They are filled with ratmen and deadly spike traps, but can be more secure than the main way, if no monsters have fallen down.




  • Come stocked with Confusion blast potions, pre-cast invis, and area peace with an exceptional instrument. Gift of renewal and orange petals will get you past most of the poison and archer damage. Bring a friend or, alternatively, camp a 2nd account character in the town area for handy resurrection.
  • If you're brave enough to bring a melee fighter, a vermin slaying weapon/talisman is a must. If you have a talisman with ratman archer protection, bring it.
  • There are several subdivided regions of this dungeon that are entered by crossing a threshold. These thresholds act like server lines - meaning the monsters do not (often) cross from one area to another. However, unlike server lines, it is possible to cast EV or Nature's Fury across boundaries. You cannot loot across the threshold, and it is often suicidal to step across and try to claim your booty. For fun and profit, lure monsters south to the "safe" town area and cast across the threshold. You won't get rich, but Swoop gets old eventually, right?
  • Szavetra dies quickly to multiple EVs, particularly if you lay down a Poison Field first.
  • One trained Cu Sidhe can handle the entire spawn inside Moug-Guur's area, provided you control the initial craziness and make sure to stand on the same tile your pet is occupying. Two tamers could farm here indefinitely, with little risk.

This dungeon is extremely easy for a warrior bring a repond and demon slayer.

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